A List Of Natural Diuretics

There are many people who are water overweight in the United States and other countries. Consumption of too much fluids and juices has contributed a lot to the level of weight of many people. Some resort to diuretic medications. However, you can avoid the danger of the side effects of diuretic medications today by resorting to natural diuretics.

Natural diuretics include:

  • Apple cedar vinegar- it regulates the level of potassium in the body
  • Artichoke- it is a potential source of Vitamin C, fiber, magnesium and folate
  • Asparagus- it contains asparigine, an alkaloid that boosts the level of kidney performance. This accelerates the speed of removing wastes from the body
  • Beets- they attack the fatty deposits in the body
  • Black currants- they have been found to contain a high level of potassium. This helps to cure those suffering from rheumatism and high blood pressure
  • Brussels sprouts- it cleans the cell and then stimulates the pancreas and kidneys to perform its functions
  • Cabbages- they have a superb diuretic property of breaking up the fatty deposits in the body, more so the abdominal region
  • Carrots- they have carotene which speeds up the body metabolic rate and also increase the speed of removal of wastes and fatty deposits in the body
  • Cucumber- it stimulates the kidney to perform its functions such as the faster removal of uric acid in the body
  • Cranberry juice- it basically helps in the removal of excess fluids in the body
  • Dandelion- it has multiple benefits such as providing relief from diabetes, urinary disorders, liver disorders, acne, jaundice, anemia and cancer. It also assists in the detoxification of the urinary tract
  • Green tea- with some level of caffeine, green tea has numerous diuretic properties since its ancient use by the Chinese several thousands of years ago being a stimulant
  • Garlic- it has a powerful natural diuretic property of helping the body to break down fat
  • Fennel- among the several health benefits it has, fennel has great diuretic properties for treating blood and urine. It also treats hypertension as well
  • Horseradish- it eliminates excess fluids in the body and also speeds up the metabolism process
  • Lettuce- its diuretic properties include flushing out of toxins and a better body metabolism process
  • Nettle- it has superb diuretic properties such as the breakdown of the arthritis crystals and other diuretic properties
  • Oats- they contain, a powerful natural diuretic
  • Pumpkins- with a proportion of about 90 percent water and a very level of carbohydrates, they destroy large amounts of water content in the body
  • Tomatoes-they are extremely rich in vitamin C, a mineral that helps to accelerate the metabolic process and also the release of water from the kidney
  • Watermelons- they increase the level of urination
  • Yarrow- this herb can be used to make tea which helps you to sweat more when it is hot and also helps you to release more urine when it is cold. This is one of the most powerful natural diuretics

Other foods with great diuretic properties include radish and raw onions.

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