What is a Diuretic?

A diuretic is a substance that will help the body remove or excrete excess water, or what is referred to as dieresis in medical terms. The name ‘water pills’ is sometimes used to refer to diuretics in tablet form because of the functions they play in the body. One of the most common ways of removing excess water from the body is of course through urine. When you urinate, you also get rid of harmful substances from your body. Sometimes diuretics can work against you and in the process of removing excess water it also removes important minerals.

Some diuretics are naturally available and may even be part of the food we eat every day, such as fruits. Diuretics may also be drugs prescribed by a qualified physician, but only when there is a severe medical problem. However, some diuretics are available over the counter and anybody can buy and use them.

A diuretic’s main function as discussed above is to treat edema, which is excess fluid in the body. However, some people use them to manage their weight problems, even though it is not advisable. Diuretics may cause the body to dehydrate completely if too much water is lost or even lead to deficiency of some minerals which are lost with the waste.

For those who do not have major medical concerns, doctors will always discourage the use of diuretics haphazardly and will instead recommend you try something else. Natural diuretic are the best for maintaining a healthy amount of fluids in the body and avoiding complications in the future.

In conclusion, it is good for everybody to have some basic knowledge of such solutions to every day’s problems. Do not forget to consult a doctor before starting any treatment with over the counter or prescription diuretics.